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Licence tests
(11-14-2018, 07:57 AM)Gert Wrote: Congrats on passing your license test. I found that after 50 odd years of riding, the more you ride, the better your confidence. So, chin up, look where you want to go and let go that death grip on the handle bars. Wear safety gear when riding. Ride in the middle of your lane. Traffic will go around you if they want to pass you. Riding to one side will tempt someone to ride next to you and could end up forcing you off the road. Each bike is different, so get to know how your bike will respond in all situations, including emergency braking. Safe riding.

Thanks very much for all the helpful tips, Gert, I appreciate it! I agree, time in the saddle will be the best remedy in terms of building confidence. I am looking forward to getting my own bike and to having much more time to practise!

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