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Nylon vs radial tires, myths debunked
(10-11-2018, 03:54 PM)xsel777 Wrote: Well analysed Matt1998.
I originally had MAXXIS on my scoot, and they performed poorly, and also split side to side across the tyre.

I also tried Kenda, which was quite as bit more expensive, but I did not feel I got my monies worth.

Now, the Michelin City Sprints, well priced for the longevity and performance, they have nice grip in the wet, and whenever I feel the rear tearing away, the behavour is predictable, so I always know how to get traction back,based on that predictability.
Nice, I've only ever had two accidents on my scooter, one was my fault and one wasn't. The first I got rear ended because the guy behind me didn't know a red robot means stop and he was texting and driving. The next happened in extremely wet conditions, and I was going about 30 slowing down for a yield sign and suddenly I started hydroplaning, so I had to steer to the side to avoid a car, fortunately at that time I was only going about 15km/h so the only damage was a few scratches on the side and a broken handguard which was cheap and easy to fix. That was partially because I have stock tires and they tend to hydroplane a lot easier than more expensive ones which is why my next set will be proper brand named ones.
Matthew Olivier (aka Mat1998)

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