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High air filter cost
Tried cleaning the air filter element on the BWS. The sponge came apart. Went to Yamaha to buy a new sponge element. Was quoted R152.00 for the sponge element,  plus up to a 3-5 day delivery.
Good grief, a piece of sponge cost that much? What a rip-off!! 
What is the alternative? Form-cut a piece of sponge, wrap in cloth to prevent any sponge from being sucked into the engine. Lightly oil the sponge with 2 stroke oil and back in business.
Any thoughts on this idea or how thick the sponge must be before it can cause a too lean air mixture?
Take your sponge air filter to a foam biz, so they can compare and then do the other stuff you mentioned. I would not go much softer than stock as there are engineers that work all this stuff out, so it is close to optimal already.
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Good idea, thanx.
Yamaha has lost the plot in recent years. I have no issue in shopping elsewhere.
Can't you use a standard air filter? My scooters all have filters that resemble baby car filters, lol.
Matthew Olivier (aka Mat1998)
Mat, thanx for your suggestion. A car type filter in the standard air box, no. Yes, there is an aftermarket snorkel adapter that will allow for the installation of various types of cone filters available. A richer main jet and other adjustments will be required, due to the performance cone. Also, there isn't much difference in the cost of the cone filter vs a stock filter, from a savings point of view.
The aim is to try keep the scooter as stock as possible, which in turn helps this keeps the value of the scooter in the long run.
I would be inclined to say the air filter life would depend on how it was maintained. The type solvent used to remove the old oil, the process to remove the excess solvent, then the type of oil plus quantity used to re-oil the filter and how these solvents / oils chemically react with the filter sponge over a period of time. I could be wrong, but time will tell
The manual calls for engine oil to be used to re-oil the filter, however motorcar engine oil may not be good for the sponge, due to the additives in the motorcar oil. I found it best to use 2 stroke oil to re-lube the air filter.
Its not a standard car type filter, its specifically for scooters, but yes it looks similar to the air filter on a car, just much much smaller. But i have heard of people just using a piece of sponge and oiling it, 2 stroke oil should be fine, but just make sure that whatever oil you use has the recommended viscosity.
Matthew Olivier (aka Mat1998)
I'm all for a cheaper air filter. If any has an idea which filter it is that I should use in the standard airbox, please let me know. I tried the homemade sponge idea. I had difficulty in sourcing the correct texture sponge, that was similar to the original, keeping in mind that a 2 stroke air filter plays a very important role in the correct carb adjustment. Comparing the Big Boy and Ala 150cc scooters that I previously owned, the 4 stroke air filteris far more simpler to gippo than that of a 2 stroke
My apologies, didnt see that it was posted under the two stroke section.
Matthew Olivier (aka Mat1998)
You could check out Startline in Edenvale. It's been quite a few years but I got some Air Filter Sponge from them (they come in various thickness) for the Burgman. You just cut it out to the shape of your stock filter and fit it to the stock filters frame. I used one of the many proper air filter oils that comes in a spray can, usually the cheapest I could find, cause they're all much of a muchness.  Big Grin
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