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Oil still in the water.
Perhaps it's still the best option, is to take your bike to a radiator place for expert advice. I would have a guess that you have already checked whether the cooling fan comes on OK, once the water starts boiling / reaches boiling point and / or that all the air is purged from the cooling system?
I spoke to a previous kymco agent, and he said give up on yamaha, as he has had an order in for 3 months. So, I ordered from eBay.
But things just got worse.
White smoke from exhaust.
Revs dropped to 200 and won't idle.
It stopped at the robot, and I could not start it.
I walked home since it was close.
And will clean the spark plug.
Hopefully, I can start it, get it home, and wait for these ebay parts.

New signature :

No longer burning up the tarmac!
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Burning up the Tarmac
Not nice. Sounds like the rings may have collapsed, due to over heating. A compression test should help confirm.
Not sure whether you already have these, (owners) & ( service).
Best of luck with the repairs.
Time for a new bike?
No, not time for a new bike.
I wont give up until every other option is exhausted.
But, it looks like I wont have to, as after a week, the shop finally opened her up, and that head gasket had a major breach accross the water jacket, and also into the cylinder.
There is no obvious head crack, and the valves are deep, so a skim will be fine, as I am getting a copper gasket made, once I know how much was skimmed.
So very relieved.
[Image: cool.png]*************[Image: cool.png]
Burning up the Tarmac
Let us know the outcome.

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