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Hi from the Woes Rand
I'm baaacckk! One of the original and oldest members of the old forum. Rolleyes 

The new forum is definitely way faster than the old one, which can only be good. Big Grin 
Just a pity we have to basically start from scratch again.  Wink 
I'm not particularly talkative on the forum so it will probably be a while before I have a decent post count again.
Hopefully the Big Chief (AKA Slang) will over time manage to migrate some of the interesting threads from the old forum.
Suzuki Burgman 400 - Skuterki
Suzuki DL650 V-Strom - Strompie
Welcome to this new looking Forum, Diesel. Agreed on missing out on consulting some of the interesting threads from the old SA Scooters site.
Hi Diesel...nice to see you here again.
Man....if i just had more time...then i will get the old topics migrated. 
I need about 4 days to sit and sort the old database mess out.

but as its getting closer to December, the workload just keeps increasing.
Ride it, Like you Stole it!!! 
Big Grin
Welcome Back!

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