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New can - Delkovic Exhausts
Some eye candy for aficionados! The combined mileage on both my Honda Silverwings adds up to around 150 000km's. I do like to customise my bike to make for a comfortable, efficient ride and have been looking out for a nice de-catted exhaust to plug in, as a replacement for the 15 kilogram elephant which comes standard with the bike.

The Silverwing forum advised that the Delkovic as designed to fit a Silverwing is the best upgrade, so I did some research while waiting for my ship to come in! Unfortunately that never happened, but yet another close shave with an oblivious cager forced this purchase to the very top of my wish list! A week later I was buzzing around with a new LOUDER carbon-fibre can.

The change extends to more than the sound - which is divine! The power band is smoother; the dyno test shows the addition of a noticeable 1.5HP to my engine; everything runs cooler and more importantly motorists can now hear me coming. Everybody who has seen and heard this exhaust are asking for one their Kawa, Suzi or Yammi. Motorbike technicians tell me the stainless is of the highest quality and the welding is better than on any Yoshi.

I am currently negotiating a dealership and will be able to bring in cans to fit most any make or model of bike with a 5 year warranty. They are available in both stainless, carbon or titanium. Shapes of round, oval or tri-oval all with removable baffles and super-light. Lengths of 200mm (super loud race), 320mm, 350mm, 420mm and 450mm. Also available with downpipes for selected bikes. Best of all - the landed price is around half that of a comparable Yoshi or Akrapovic. The slip-on's will also fit scooters from 150cc up.

I am currently gauging interest, so please let me know if you are interested? I wish I had upgraded years ago.

[Image: Z142kkl.jpg]

[Image: io8f8EM.jpg]

[Image: igPtji7.jpg]

[Image: i2Wix4q.jpg]
Delkovic and Akrapovic exhausts are great!
Matthew Olivier (aka Mat1998)
From the pix, the exhaust looks good on your bike. Agreed that loud pipes serve to warn motorists, but waking up to someone else's loud pipes returning home in the early hours of the morning... The screaming eagle pipes that I had on my cruiser where loud and while good for town, where a pain in the butt to listen to on long trips, even with the ear plugs in.

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