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Which oil grade for our south african weather
Hi all
Currently running 15W 40 oil in the Honda XR150.
I needed to run a trip on a bit of freeway and ran the bike at 80km/h max.
Oil has 500km on it currently. I noticed a bit of valve train noise when it started to come close to the end of the trip. 500km ago when i did the service, I checked the valves myself and the clearance were within spec. Only thing I could think of was heat.
Normal riding in town it is not excessively noisy. Just normal air cooled engine valve noise.
One guy on a Indian forum I read wanted to change to a 20W 50 grade oil because he experienced the same issue when he rides in 40 degrees heat that they sometimes have in India.

Do you think I can maybe do the same for summer weather?
It should be fine, however i still recommend using the correct grade of oil. I use 15W 40 in my rct 170 and ive driven 45 km non stop at 80km/h. And ive also noticed that it does thin out quite a bit. Do you use synthetic oil? As long as your oil level isnt dropping it should be fine with the current oil.
Matthew Olivier (aka Mat1998)
I'm with Mat on the keeping the oil as per the manual. Talking of manual, you do have a manual? If not, is close to the XR150 info, plus
Have you considered rechecking the valves after your freeway trip?
Following up on your query of using 20w/50 oil for your XR150, I thought I should add more info to my previous post. For my big bikes I use Castrol Power 1 Racing, while on the smaller bike I use Activeo oil, recomended For info, from the Castrol website, There is a video to the effect, "Modern motorcycles have a high power density which car oils have not been designed for. The compatibility of car oils and motorcycles have not been tested for use with wet clutches and the heavily loaded gears in modern bikes and motorcycles."
Personally, I would go with the Activeo for your XR150. I have used other imported oils, but cost wise, Castrol at the moment ticks the boxes.
I have a manual for the bike. Valves were checked at last service and within spec. I made double sure about it. We are seeing very high temperatures lately. Might be reason for the extra noise. Will double check again when I get time. It is not noisy at idle speeds

I am using Engen 15W 40 in the bike and on the spec sheet they mention it can be used in motorcycles. I phoned them at the technical call center and they confirmed it can be used in motorcycles but must be dry clutch setup as it was not tested yet with wet clutches. I am now on 13 000km and have been using this oil since 1500km. I change the oil out every 2500km. No clutch problems at all. I get gears very easy and neutral also. No slippage from clutch also so far. Will consider going Castrol power 1 as it is at Makro for R110 per liter and the bike uses 1 liter. Will then monitor how it goes.
Thanx for the heads-up on the Makro price for Castrol Racing. That's a better price than what I'm currently paying.

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