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Query on a source for cheaper spares
Anyone know of a cheaper source for BWS spares? It appears as though Yamaha are trying to make up for their bad motorcycle sales figures, by drastically increasing their prices on their bike spares.
A few years ago spares for BWS were good and cheap, but lately they have gone through the roof. Strange thing is that the spares are all Chinese made anyway. See
I managed to find a source online called 2nd Gear, but they seamed to have limited consumables in stock. Things like CVT belts, rollers (stock 8.3gm), variators, clutch assemblies, brakes pads, brake shoes, CPUs, cylinder replacement kits, a few gasket sets and tires. The rest of the spares like brake cylinders kits and all tupperware, only from Yamaha agents.
I have considered buying from overseas, but the import duties and minimum order quantities, could be an issue. Thus I'm looking for good prices and a reliable source, please. Thanx

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