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After reading and, I wonder whether anyone here or someone that you know, owns one? How do you find the performance, under powered or better than expected?
I was wondering how it compared to the performance and as reliable as my previous CBX250 was? I do realize, that it's not in the same league as that of the Wee / Glee 650 models.
That's an awful lot of money for a 250cc. I think I would rather own a second hand Honda NC 750.
I agree with your logic. Problem with most older bikes is finding the non-common spares, when needed. The 250 V-Strom is still too new for a good purchase price / 2nd hand deals, but if there are not too many of them in circulation, then maybe this model should be skipped. I wouldn't want to end up waiting weeks for a spare part to arrive, when needed in a hurry.
My old CBX250 used to get around a 110 km/hr in a reasonably quickly time, not exactly highway speeds. The 120 mark if I had enough road and the wind from behind. Cruising speed was 100 for all day travelling. The question is, since the DL250 is taller / bulkier, does it also get the same type of top-end or does it have a better top end?
The service intervals are the same, at 3000 km. Not sure of the cost of the DL250 filters though and whether aftermarket like HiFlo would be available.
Just some feedback on what I came across on Google for the DL250, the reported top-end is only 137 km/hr. Not in the 160 km/hr league of either the Suzuki GXS-250R or the Kawasaki Ninja 250. I guess the bike shape and size kills thoughts of a good top end.
I just wonder why they went for a parallel twin and not keep the V style motor, like in the Suzuki VL250 Intruder? After all Suzuki called it V-Stom DL250, not a T250

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