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Full Version: Oil still in the water.
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I managed to secure a water pump, and 2 weeks later, there is still oil  in the water. I did notice that the water temp needle dropped from just over half  to just under half, the first time ever.
The only thing I have not changed is the oil cooler, but I did bypass it during a test run  and did not see any oil in the water channels. So, I am stumped. The  head gasket has been changed twice. No mechanic noticed a crack. There is another gasket below the new barrel, that did not get changed, so I am not sure if there is an internal leak there.
Quote:....but I did bypass it during a test run and did not see any oil in the water channels ...
How long did you test ride with the oil cooler bypassed? Did the engine get up to operating temp? If so, it sounds like the oil cooler water channel may have a hairline rupture somewhere, that only fails after a certain pressure and heat. By passing the oil cooler for a short testing period, should not do any damage to a standard motor. Just keep an eye on the oil and water level / temp.
I agree, it doesn't sound like an actual crack in the engine, it sounds more like a very small crack in the radiator somewhere