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  Centrifugal service question Honda XR150L
Posted by: 1200GXman - 11-06-2018, 08:53 AM - Forum: 25cc to 400cc Scooters and Motorcycles - Replies (6)

Hi all

Just a quick question for the motorcycle mechanics.
Honda service manual says I must clean it on 12500km service. When I went to Honda to buy the gasket for the engine cover, they said I am wasting time. They do it on the next major service which is 25000km. it won't have enough dirt in it to make it worth it.
My oil changes I do at 2500km and I have a very strong magnet on the oil drain nut.
I even phoned a motorcycle mechanic that works from home and I saw many times some high end bikes there. So I don't think he is just a micky mouse mechanic.
He also said it is a waste to do it so early can do it on the next major service.
Any advice here?

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Thumbs Up LED kit for big boy scooter
Posted by: Mat1998 - 10-28-2018, 04:23 PM - Forum: 25cc to 400cc Scooters and Motorcycles - Replies (3)

So riding on the old jhb road kills my lightbulbs, always the low beam, I suspect it's the vibrations because it's never ever only on one side of the element but on both. Does anyone know of any good LED kits for scooters that don't require a different alternator?

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  Oil still in the water.
Posted by: xsel777 - 10-27-2018, 12:14 PM - Forum: All about 4 Stroke Scooters - Replies (2)

I managed to secure a water pump, and 2 weeks later, there is still oil  in the water. I did notice that the water temp needle dropped from just over half  to just under half, the first time ever.
The only thing I have not changed is the oil cooler, but I did bypass it during a test run  and did not see any oil in the water channels. So, I am stumped. The  head gasket has been changed twice. No mechanic noticed a crack. There is another gasket below the new barrel, that did not get changed, so I am not sure if there is an internal leak there.

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  Photobucket free hosting again?
Posted by: mighty mouse - 10-26-2018, 12:11 PM - Forum: NEW SITE - 9 Oct 2018 - Replies (1)

A little birdie whispered that Photobucket will be hosting images (and reinstating older images) free for Forums as before; from the 1st November. Although I could not find anything on the net to confirm the rumour.

Have any of you IT jockeys heard the same?

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  Attach a pix in reply
Posted by: Gert - 10-26-2018, 10:50 AM - Forum: NEW SITE - 9 Oct 2018 - Replies (3)

If a new thread is started, there is a icon for attachments, which could work for pix as well. There is no icon when replying to a post.
What is the secret to attaching a pix, when replying to an existing thread? Thanx.

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  High air filter cost
Posted by: Gert - 10-26-2018, 10:42 AM - Forum: All about 2 Stroke Scooters - Replies (10)

Tried cleaning the air filter element on the BWS. The sponge came apart. Went to Yamaha to buy a new sponge element. Was quoted R152.00 for the sponge element,  plus up to a 3-5 day delivery.
Good grief, a piece of sponge cost that much? What a rip-off!! 
What is the alternative? Form-cut a piece of sponge, wrap in cloth to prevent any sponge from being sucked into the engine. Lightly oil the sponge with 2 stroke oil and back in business.
Any thoughts on this idea or how thick the sponge must be before it can cause a too lean air mixture?

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Question Sascooters recruitment drive
Posted by: Mat1998 - 10-24-2018, 08:01 PM - Forum: NEW SITE - 9 Oct 2018 - No Replies

Hey guys,
So I've noticed that the amount of people signing up for the new website has dropped off significantly over the past week or two, is the site still under construction currently or can we start a massive recruiting drive to try get back some old members?

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Exclamation Attention all RCT 170 owners
Posted by: Mat1998 - 10-19-2018, 10:12 PM - Forum: All about 4 Stroke Scooters - Replies (3)

Hey guys, so I had to take off my center stand on my rct 170 today, found that that head of the bolt securing the rubber spacer that the stand rests on in the upright position was chaffing against my sump and actually wore a 2 mm gash into the sump, fortunately it didn't start leaking. Went to my local big boy dealership to look at their rct on demo to compare my center stand to theirs, and I saw the 2017-2018 edition has a new lower profile bolt with a split pin, so I assume they changed this because other people noticed the same thing happening to theirs. It was an easy fix, just bent the small plate that the roller sits on and now it isn't chaffing anymore, but just a heads up to others with the same model scooter, check to make sure that you do not have the same issue as if left unfixed this can cause a hole which will cause a severe oil leak and you'll need to send your engine for welding to fix it if it chafes through.

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  Carving out a path
Posted by: xsel777 - 10-17-2018, 09:35 AM - Forum: Who Are You - Replies (1)

Hey all.
Cape Town based. Always, and forever. Mountain and sea, you just cant beat it.
IT Consultant with time on my hands.
I got into 2 wheels because of increasing traffic,and time wasting on the road.
My idea that my cage would be filled with IT equipment deliveries never materialised, so rather have fun riding on the way
to a job.
First I got A Kymco Grand Dink 250, which I raced everywhere at 130KM/H, so it did not last long!
I traded that for a Kymco Xciting 500 Ri and it was night and day, the ride quality.
I am still on that xc500,battling to keep it running due to numerous issues of all sorts, which I wont list, as I think I would max out the word limit in this post.
BUT, I am still enjoying the ride.
If I am not sleeping, I am riding.
See you on the road.

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Lightbulb Mechanical question sub section
Posted by: Mat1998 - 10-11-2018, 05:13 PM - Forum: NEW SITE - 9 Oct 2018 - Replies (2)

Hey slang, 
Great website, I actually prefer it to the old one, it's got a lot more eeitied options and way nicer emojis Tongue , can you maybe add a mechanical sub section like in the old forum for technical questions, like for example, maintenance or repair questions which don't fall under any of the proprovd categories.

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