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High air filter cost - Gert - 10-26-2018

Tried cleaning the air filter element on the BWS. The sponge came apart. Went to Yamaha to buy a new sponge element. Was quoted R152.00 for the sponge element,  plus up to a 3-5 day delivery.
Good grief, a piece of sponge cost that much? What a rip-off!! 
What is the alternative? Form-cut a piece of sponge, wrap in cloth to prevent any sponge from being sucked into the engine. Lightly oil the sponge with 2 stroke oil and back in business.
Any thoughts on this idea or how thick the sponge must be before it can cause a too lean air mixture?

RE: High air filter cost - xsel777 - 10-27-2018

Take your sponge air filter to a foam biz, so they can compare and then do the other stuff you mentioned. I would not go much softer than stock as there are engineers that work all this stuff out, so it is close to optimal already.

RE: High air filter cost - Gert - 10-27-2018

Good idea, thanx.