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LED kit for big boy scooter - Mat1998 - 10-28-2018

So riding on the old jhb road kills my lightbulbs, always the low beam, I suspect it's the vibrations because it's never ever only on one side of the element but on both. Does anyone know of any good LED kits for scooters that don't require a different alternator?

RE: LED kit for big boy scooter - xsel777 - 10-30-2018

I fitted led's, headlamp and side lights, and did not change anything else. Nearly 2 years later, and all is still good.

RE: LED kit for big boy scooter - Diesel - 11-16-2018

Replacement LED lights/globes for motor vehicles (and scooters) operate in a much wider voltage range and should be a direct replacement if you can find the correct format (H1, H3, H4, etc.). They also have much higher light output than standard globes.  The only conversion necessary will be for the flickers where you need to wire in some resistors to fool the flicker relay to not flash like a strobe. I believe LED friendly flicker relays are available but I haven't actively searched for them. 

I have LED lights fitted in the Strom's headlights (2 x H4) and the Fog lights (2 x H3) and have had no failures yet. Yes, I've had the bike on some fairly gnarly gravel roads and they are still fine. Not to mention the increased daytime visibility!  Big Grin