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Attach a pix in reply
If a new thread is started, there is a icon for attachments, which could work for pix as well. There is no icon when replying to a post.
What is the secret to attaching a pix, when replying to an existing thread? Thanx.
When you reply, after clicking the "post reply" button, the edit button becomes available , select FULL EDIT, then you can attach something.
Finish off with UPDATE POST button.
[Image: cool.png]*************[Image: cool.png]
Burning up the Tarmac
Thanx for the advice, xsel. Earlier I did attempt to load a pix from my PC, but it failed to upload any pix. Guess there may possibly be a maximum pix file size restriction? Linking a pix from a 3rd party site with [img] pix [/img], as stated in the help file, is said to display the pix. Not so sure how to display pix when uploading from a PC.
Just a quick update, I finally was able to attach a pix / jpg file from my PC. (see
Test 1: uploading a pix of the coil - result of 1st test: The file "20181025.jpg" is too large (size 3.841KB). The maximum size for that type of file is 500 kilobytes.
Test2: uploading reduced the pix (size now 53KB) - result success but as an attachment
Process using advice from xsel (post #2 above),
1 Post reply,
2 edit the reply (Full edit),
3 choose files, select file from PC directory,
3 then Add attachment,
4 update post.
Now to determine how to use the [img] command from the help screen, on the attachment to display as an insert pix not as attachment. Getting there slowly.

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