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Mechanical question sub section
Hey slang, 
Great website, I actually prefer it to the old one, it's got a lot more eeitied options and way nicer emojis Tongue , can you maybe add a mechanical sub section like in the old forum for technical questions, like for example, maintenance or repair questions which don't fall under any of the proprovd categories.
Matthew Olivier (aka Mat1998)
I also liked the old forum....but it was like driving a DKW to work and everyone around you is driving Super Cars. I needed constant backend work, received constant hacking attempts, ate server resources like mad, etc.
I am working the forum again this weekend and will then implement your request. 
Keep them coming...

o yea....smilies will also be upgraded .... Big Grin
Ride it, Like you Stole it!!! 
Big Grin
Cool thanks, great job, I definitely do prefer this software compared to the old one, the new emojis are way better. I also love the signature thing and that you can change your own nickname.
Matthew Olivier (aka Mat1998)

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