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Attention all RCT 170 owners
Hey guys, so I had to take off my center stand on my rct 170 today, found that that head of the bolt securing the rubber spacer that the stand rests on in the upright position was chaffing against my sump and actually wore a 2 mm gash into the sump, fortunately it didn't start leaking. Went to my local big boy dealership to look at their rct on demo to compare my center stand to theirs, and I saw the 2017-2018 edition has a new lower profile bolt with a split pin, so I assume they changed this because other people noticed the same thing happening to theirs. It was an easy fix, just bent the small plate that the roller sits on and now it isn't chaffing anymore, but just a heads up to others with the same model scooter, check to make sure that you do not have the same issue as if left unfixed this can cause a hole which will cause a severe oil leak and you'll need to send your engine for welding to fix it if it chafes through.
Matthew Olivier (aka Mat1998)
Thanx for the heads-up, Matt. You don't by any chance, snap a pix or two, to guide those who want to check on their rides?
It doesn't seem to want to let me upload it but those interested in seeing what to look for are more than welcome to send me a message on WhatsApp or an email so that I can send you some photos
Matthew Olivier (aka Mat1998)
Heres the photo, took me 20 minutes to resize because the image was too large for the website to handle.

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Matthew Olivier (aka Mat1998)

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